COTR Team’s Personal Experiences in Sex Ed

It’s no secret that Sexual Education in America leaves much to be desired. Adult retailers and sexual wellness experts take on the lion’s share of educating adults about sexual health and pleasure because it often ends before it begins within families and schools. The COTR family shares some memories from their own experiences in Sex Ed class…

Brandon Bartling:

There was a day in 5th grade where they were going to show a sex ed video to students, but they gave parents the option to let their children opt-out and not have to see the video. My dad requested that I not be shown the video because he didn’t think it was the school’s place to teach me anything sex-related, but then he never spoke to me about anything sex-related, so everything I learned about sex I learned from Madonna’s erotica album (which maybe explains a lot about me lol). Unfortunately I don’t think my story is original (maybe not the Madonna part); there either needs to be more accessible sex-positive sex education for young folks, or parents need to accept that this information needs to come from them and thus need to be proactive Bdsm sex videos, hot xxx bdsm videos porn – bdsm vids about educating themselves, which is why the work we do is so important. Anyways, thank you Madonna!

Kim Faubel:

I think it was eight grade, a room full of curious kids just sat through our Sexual Education day in Health class. I remember learning girls can get pregnant once they have their period and boys have orgasms when they ejaculate. So, even though I knew that I was humping stuff to the point of orgasm, it wasn’t discussed in this class. I also remember them offering us condoms and no one took any. After class, however, a friend of mine asked me to buy some for her because she was embarrassed. On our usual walk home, I went into the bodega that we normally bought candy from and purchased my first box of condoms. At the time I don’t think I understood the impact of this. Looking back, I’m glad my friend trusted me and, even more so, I’m glad she was protected.

Tracy Felder:

5th grade – 10years old

While also being a part of an etiquette club (girls only), the entire 5th grade class was separated by gender and we watched a video from on the reproductive system. Of course a bunch of “ewws” and “yucks” but I was very interested in understanding the menstrual cycle. I think about a week later, I manifested my first period and was probably one of the first in my class to get it so early. I was then taught to keep it private with no further guidance on understanding sexual pleasure, birth control, and protection.

Alicia Sinclair:

I remember sex education as one day a year, in middle school and high school, where we would learn a lot of terrifying facts about reproduction and teen pregnancy rates. Having only heard this information about sex, I could never understand why people who ever want to participate. It sounded painful and dangerous. I don’t think we ever discussed masturbation, consent or pleasure.ohmibod cam nudecamshd

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