Reflecting on the Silver Linings of a Challenging Year


Everyone knows 2020 has been… a year. The world was united through unfortunate circumstances and we have all been forced to adapt to a very new way of living, working, and, in some cases, loving.

What lesson have you learned this year that you are grateful for? Our team shares what they have found helpful during a trying 2020…


Brandon Bartling:

This year I am grateful to have learned that self-care isn’t a four-letter word. Even though we are alone together, the fact is that a majority of the time in this weird year we are just straight up alone. We are social creatures, even those of us who are introverts, and it is important to make sure we are doing things for ourselves as a matter of self-preservation, so that once we get to the other end of this thing we are no less than how we entered it. 


Kim Faubel:

I am grateful for the reminder to slow down. I’m one of those people who uses work as my go-to when other areas of life get overwhelming. While it has definitely helped me achieve professional goals, I often don’t allow myself time to heal, grieve, and relax. I think we were all forced to slow down this year, and the adjustment hasn’t been easy for me, though it’s definitely been worth it. 


Tracy Felder:

Community is so important in creating this year. And that learning that it’s okay to evolve your personal connections with folks because at the end of the day, we’re all still human whether on the east or west coast. People will be there for you… just ask.


Alicia Sinclair:

A true silver lining of my 2020 has been the deeper closeness and connection with my colleagues, friends, and family.  We’ve all had a rough year, struggled with loss, and battled with the quarantine isolation.  However, my experience has been a testament to the understanding, support, and love from and for my community.  I know that I am stronger and fuller because of their contributions to my life.  

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