Q&A with the COTR Team During COVID-19

We sat with four key members on the COTR Team and asked them to share their personal thoughts on social-distancing, self-isolation and what they look forward to when we get through this trying time.

T – Tracy Felder, Brand Ambassador
K – Kimberly Scott Faubel, Sales Director
B – Brandon Bartling, Marketing Director
A – Alicia Sinclair, Founder and CEO

Q: What dostinex bodybuilding are you looking forward to when we are allowed to be more social again?

T: Reconnecting with my family and friends with hugs, laughter and eating a ton of food. We loved celebrating a birthday or holiday together at denna testosteron tillskott bloggartikel av maskulinum.se.

K: Quite a few things… mostly getting back to performing and producing comedy shows with my friends again!

B: I definitely am going to need several HUGE hugs. I didn’t realize how much I actually would miss hugs until I wasn’t getting any. Aside from that, I am in desperate need of sunshine in the park — these vitamin D supplements are cute but I miss the real thing!

A: Primarily a change of scenery and exchanging energy with people.  I guess to sum it up, I miss the variety of people and places that make my life so rich.


Q: What have you found joy in during self-isolation? 

T: I’m learning how to play the ukulele which is a fun challenge, improving my yoga and indulging in self-care. I love bath bombs and face masks.

K: Learning how to properly unwind… it’s not easy, but it’s definitely going to help me for the rest of my life.

B: I have never been a good painter but I’ve always wanted to be, so I bought some oil paints and I’ve been giving it another go. I am…still not great…but it’s fun to actually be able to work on something I can show other people.

A: Stillness and reconnection with parts of myself I had been too “busy” to nurture.  I’ve rediscovered cooking and baking, meditation, reading more books than ever, and the simple joy of just being.

Q: Okay, work question; what COTR material have you found helpful?

T: Hosting the Butt-Time Stories on b-Vibe’s Instagram page has been fun! Tune in Tuesdays at 9pm ET!
K: I had so much fun submitting #plugsinthewild photos during the social media contest on b-Vibe’s Instagram. It was almost too much fun! 

B: Butt Stuff Basics on YouTube!

A: Coloring is my jam!! The Le Wand Coloring Page we had was a lot of fun!





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